2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Doors

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Here it is. The “return” of the old fashion suicide doors on a Lincoln. Now officially called Coach Doors.
While this will officially be sold by a few Lincoln “Black label” dealers, there will only be 80 units available.
Which really beg the question: Why bother???
It is based on a longer wheelbase (6 inches) Which is probably a version planned for the Chinese market anyway. (it should be standard here too)
But these doors look expensive to design and manufacture. For 80 units?
I have heard this could cost up to $100 000. Which, if true, is rather insane.
Why would anyone pay that much for a version of the Continental? Since you get the same blah design and cheesy interior. 
This should basically be the regular Continental. (It also makes the door handle design look much better and integrated with the rest of the car)
And should start at under $50 000.
It would really make the Lincoln sedan stand out a bit. 
Otherwise, I have no idea who would ever buy this…

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  1. This model's wheel base is much larger than the standard Continental. Look how much room is in the back seat.

  2. I'm assuming Ford thinks it will find 80 really old rich guys who want to be chauffeured around and think Lincoln is a luxury brand. Good luck.

  3. 80 units for 2019 short model run and for 2020 a wider availability. For someone that runs a pretty popular blog you are very lazy when it comes to details.

  4. Lincoln should of released this suicide doors model like that of the "concept" when they released the new Continental back in 2016?. Would have sold at least double or triple the Continental's units. Sad! New his new model is limited to under 60 units and at over $100K each!

  5. These will probably all go either to the dealer owners or to limo companies looking for a unique vehicle. I am sure they will all be black.

    Yes, if they do another Continental, they should come with these doors standard, but these cars need to be premium, not $50k cars. Lincoln needs to get out of the entry level luxury market, at least for sedans. Let the crossovers do the mass market duty, and make the sedans amazing machines.

  6. Why bother? It's an image thing, without a massive investment. Just in the day since the pictures came out, I've seen tons of extremely positive and excited comments on various car sites. People who are proud to say Lincoln bores them to tears are calling this "badass."

    Look for at least one of these to show up in a music video or driven by an "influencer." It's something bold and different, and other than Rolls borrowing the idea, unique to Lincoln.

    They should have done this when the Continental was first launched, but better late than never, and if the nameplate lives on in some sort of A7-type slinky 4-door coupe on the Mustang platform, you can bet they will give it these doors.

  7. Here's a dandy idea, keep the long wheel base version as the, wait for it….

    Continental Town Car.

  8. Why all the complaints? While the cars design is nothing original, the doors definitely make it something no other automaker has less than $300k. Too late, possibly, but the opportunity towards greatness of there! Go for it Lincoln!

  9. Doesn't the existence of this car seem extremely strange. Continental sales have been falling. So they stretch the wheelbase and engineer new back doors and will build eighty of them. How does this make sense when they will end production of Fusion with its sale record.

  10. Would have been great if they could have eliminated the B pillar, but that probably would have involved massive re-engineering.

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