2020 Cadillac XT6 interior ?

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I have to say, this would be quite a disappointment as the all-new XT6 interior.
(The real thing was shown a few weeks ago at a dealer meeting and they apparently loved it. )
I think that, even though it is labeled “XT6” in this LINK, this is actually the interior of the revised XT5 for 2020.
NOT the new XT6.
Here is the current XT5 interior. As you can see, the “supposedly XT6” picture above shows the same car. Except the spy shot shows the updated 2020 model. Where the dashboard is not all new.
Trims are different here and there. Larger screen. 
But the console seems, unfortunately, the same. Except for the added infotainment scroll wheel similar to the 2019 CT6.

Here is what the XT6 interior should look like.
Similar to last year’s Escala concept.

It’s about time for Cadillac interiors to be as stunning and original as this. 

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  1. Presumably, the photographer didn't confuse his labeling, but with stupid alphanumerics, who knows?

    The screen looks the same size to me.

    I would not want to have something that large and hard in front of my face, airbag and shoulder belt or no. The glare might be too much for the driver, too.

  2. Not RWD. This is probably Cadillac's version of the Buick Enclave.
    But the interior picture is also probably still the XT5, not XT6.
    Unless that new XT6 is just a longer version of the XT5… (That would be a bit sad)

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