2020 Land Rover Defender

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That last picture is pretty obvious. The Land Rover Defender is officially coming back to the US in 2020.
Still square, but obviously wrapped into a more modern looking package. 
Which might not please the hardcore purist of the brand.
At least, it is coming back to the “land of SUVs” that the US has become. So unless it looks terrible, it could be quite a hit. Probably price between the Jeep Wrangler and Mercedes G Class.
Why not…

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  1. The Defender base price will be around the mid $55K but after a few of the necessary options, look for $75K out the door for the lowest trim Defender. The Autobiography will be in the high $90K range!

    I will wait to see the reliability of the new Defender. I thinking electrical problems might be the major issue.

  2. Those low-profile tires make it look like an old Jeep Patriot. I would save my money and get a Wrangler.

  3. This is just my opinion, but Land Rover had a rare (big) miss when they redesigned the LR4 (Discovery). I feel the (old) shape was iconic and rugged, the new one is just awkward looking. And the back-end is just bad… in a weird what were they smoking kind of way.

    As for the Defender… it looks like there might be hope.

    Also, since I'm complaining, I might as well also say I'm not a fan of the Velar. I might be alone in that opinion though. What can I say… I just love the classic RR look 🙂

  4. Way to much camouflage on the Defender to judge it’s looks. I like know the size of it and how it will stack up against the Ford Bronco!

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