2020 VW Atlas Coupe/Cross Sport

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 This is the production version of last year’s Cross Sport concept. Which will be a 5 seater version of the large VW Atlas.
Not sure yet if it will be called the Atlas Coupe, or Cross Sport, like the concept.

Either way, this will not really set things on fire. At least not visually.
It’s hard to tell what was lost in the translation, but something did.

The production Atlas Coupe above looks rather lumpy when compared to the concept.
Although they do seem to be very similar. Except the placement of the door handles, and of course, smaller wheels.
(The front end has been totally changed in order to squeeze any drop of personality out of it)

Maybe with larger wheels and a more “off-road” option package, it will look better?
Also, that white doesn’t help…

Here is the Cross Sport concept.

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  1. Looks like as good a transition from concept to production as you could hope for. Vince, I love this site but you need to set yourself a quota of positivity, try a glass-half-full approach!

  2. Hopefully the interior will be much nicer than the Atlas. If so it has potential. If it's the same cheap interior, will be a dud. Concept interior was very nice.

  3. I agree 100% about the interior.
    They need to use the concept interior on this and the regular Atlas as well.

  4. Hopefully those lights add some character when they're on. It seems that the concept cars always have frameless glass on the doors which seems like a small detail but it makes a big differece. The side glass area just looks busier on the production car.

  5. Normally I would agree about Vince's positivity… but I agree with him 100% about this. It is hard to put your finger on, because yes,it does seem to be a good transition from concept to production….. but it is also completely different in a very bad way….

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