2020 VW I.D

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It is still early to tell, but it looks like the production version of the I.D concept could end up pretty close to the original.
Although it doesn’t look like the cool super thin rear lights made it into the translation (or maybe they did, under all that camouflage)
The I.D could end up being called the Neo when it comes out as a 2020 model.
3 versions are planned. From a bit over 200 miles of range to above 300.
The base model is supposed to start at under $30 000.
But so far, VW is not planning this for the US (idiots…)
Let’s hope they change their mind by 2020…

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  1. The small Honda retro looking EV, know as the Honda Urban EV, didn't translate as well as this when it came to production version from concept.

  2. Tesla better keep improving its products and start working on a new Model S/X. The Germans are coming.

  3. That looks so good, probably the only electric car i would buy but of course they won't offer it in north America because that would be too smart.

  4. This is looking promising. Finally…

    A bit disappointed about the tail lights as well.
    It's absolutely ridiculous that they don't have plans (yet) to sell it in the US. Hatchbacks are selling the mad here. This is a direct Bolt competitor.

  5. The Smucks in Wolfsburg are probably afraid this will directly compete with the Golf hatch if sold in the US

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