Auto Show notes: Chevrolet Blazer

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While I was dissapointed by the Pilot, the all new Chevrolet Blazer was a nice surprise.
It looks really good in the flesh.
And at least, it tries to be modern and even a bit original.
The Camaro inspired interior is also fine. Everything feels really solid too. 
And there is a really large cargo area behind the rear seats.
But, unlike the Passport, the Blazer comes standard with a (rather puny) 2.5 Liter 4 cylinder.
(A 3.6 Liter V6 is an option, while it is standard on the Passport.)

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  1. It’s a very stylish vehicle, but the “Blazer” name really doesn’t seem to fit it. To me, “Blazer” suggests a rough and tumble design that is ready to tackle tough off road terrain adventures. There is nothing in this design that suggests that. I think Chevy should have found a new name for this vehicle.

  2. I cannot believe I am saying I like a GM design, but this one from these photos looks pretty attractive.

  3. Guessing you meant the Passport at the top of that blog also Vince, you said Pilot. Since the 3G Pilot has been out since 2016. Or did you mean the MMC Pilot?

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