Auto Show notes: Mercedes A-Class sedan

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The good news is the new A-Class sedan is indeed roomier than the “old” CLA.
The back seat legroom is now “fine”.
(It was pretty bad in the CLA)

Th exterior looks fine too. It does its best to look like a “real Mercedes”.
But that interior is quite a mess.
It is a stew of shapes, lines, curves, textures etc… Everything they could think of seems to have been thrown in like ingredients in a blender. Nothing fits together.
The result is a very busy interior. Where none of the textures or shape remind you of what you would expect in a luxury brand.
(The Honda Accord is a much, much nicer place to be.)
It also doesn’t have that super solid tank feel that you would expect (The Accord does)

Prices have not been announced yet. They only mentioned, “under $35 000”.
(The C-Class starts at a staggering $41 000. So “under $35 000 could be $34 900)

Unless you are one of these people who cannot live without a Mercedes, and cannot spend $40 000, it seems that everything else at that price would be better…

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  1. I think people come here because of your spin on the auto industry. Seeing more of you would help.

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