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Looks like the full-size telluride is ready to go.
(As seen in these pictures from a dealer meeting)
This is basically the same car as the new Hyundai Palisade. Except it does look a lot better in my opinion.
Sure, the overall design is more mainstream, but the garish grille is gone.
The interior seems pretty classy and upscale as well. With nice design touches here and there.
Of course, unlike the new Lincoln Aviator, I have not seen the Telluride in person. 
But this already looks like a much nicer interior to me. (Satin finish is always nicer looking and more upscale than full-on chrome everywhere.)
And yes, this still has that tablet stuck on top of the dash. But for some reason, it looks better than in the Lincoln. Maybe just because it is wider. Who knows…
This could turn out to be quite a classy ride…
(Thanks to a reader, George Werner, for sending me these pictures)

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  1. The front end is not at all original as compared to the concept. Why couldn't they stick with the lion nose look like all their other models? The back does look interesting.

  2. Again – same as the Soul…this is a decent design that is ruined by the face. The Rivian truck/SUV does the same thing (flat face) with much better success.

    Also – is it me or does the rear end look like the taillights are unnecessarily low – creating a droopy effect?

    Another swing and a miss from Kia unfortunately.

  3. I definitely like the conventional window trim compared to the Palisade. The interior also looks great, a nice mix between K900 and Stinger.

  4. Its nice but why didn't they line the front end more like the Concept? The concept's headlights were nicer. But then again I didnt see it in person

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