New Infiniti SUV EV Concept coming up…

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No name yet, but Infiniti will unveil a brand new EV concept at the Detroit Auto Show next month.

So far it looks pretty low and almost sporty.
(For a second I thought this was another Lamborghini SUV)

But Infiniti is one of these brands that love teasing people with spectacular concepts.
More and more concepts isn’t what they need.
Let’s hope this one is really a preview of something that is actually coming up.

They did show years ago an EV sedan concept based on the Leaf. And that never became anything.

They could actually replace the aging QX70 (It used to be the FX35 and is now almost 10 years old!!)
with an upscale, sporty all-electric crossover.

While they’re at it. They need to do the same thing with the next Nissan Maxima.
That car should become an EV pronto. Instead of becoming yet another “big Altima”…

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  1. They killed the QX70 a year or two ago after wildly decontenting it and removing the V8 option, but considering the FX pretty much invented the sporty performance SUV/coupe segment, they should really consider building something like this to fill the gap. Maybe even with a GT-R heart!

  2. The huge wheels and tall front fenders make these newer Nissans/Infinitis feel really bloated when driving… I just drove an new Murano and an Altima, and they both had a certain "land yacht" feel to them. Looking at this concept, I see the same dynamic at play with those front fenders and hood contour.

  3. EVs are not mainstream, despite the rumors. And until solid state batteries become feasible, EVs will just be second vehicles to run errands. Tesla has become a major catalyst in making a dream reality thanks to its long range batteries, however archaic they may be. I could not see an EV Maxima right now. May be in the next 4 year cycle.

  4. This is Mitsubishi based and FWD basis as well. All internally sourced information. RWD Infinitis will be a thing of the past to satisfy Ghosn's and Saikawa's bottom line, as ordered many months ago.

  5. And as usual one can see, Vince seems asleep and obivlious to the fact, the QX70 has been out of production for 16 months and will be replaced by a Murano-based FWD crossover in 2021.

    It died at 9 1/2 of production, in 2017. 2019 RWD redesign was cancelled 2 years ago.

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