New VW compact SUV ?

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VW has said a while ago that the US is not getting the new T-Rock or T-Cross compact SUVs.
Instead, they will sell us something “special for the US”. (And probably China)
“Special for the US” usually means “more boring”.

So that thing pictured above does fit the bill. As far as “more boring” goes.

It is basically a European Seat Ateca compact SUV with a VW grille.

And here is the Ateca.
It is about 7 inches longer than the VW T-Rock sold in  Europe.
But shorter than our LWB Tiguan.

So I guess this could very well end up being what we will be getting over here as the sub-Tiguan VW SUV.
As a reminder, this will not really be all new since the Ateca went on sale in 2016…

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  1. Boring is not always a bad thing. If you don't want "boring" you can always get the disgusting looking toyota ch-r, ecosport or hrv. I would feel ashamed driving any one of those things. VW always keeps it classy.

  2. Seat Ateca would make a good budget-priced sub-compact SUV for VW. It has a clean design, inside and out. It looks nicer, richer and better balanced than the new third-world-looking Tiguan! Imagine this new VW "Ateca" compared to the ugly Ford Ecosport at the same price…

  3. Refraining from saddling their vehicles with the ugly, garish, and cartoonish styling of its Asian counterparts doesn’t make VW boring. But spending millions to develop a new compact SUV for the US market when they should just import the SWB Tiguan here does make them foolish.

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