That was quick: Honda starts production of the new Passport

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 Not sure, but that top picture of a new Passport at the Alabama factory looks a lot (a lot!) like the Pilot (the red one)
Once you get a regular version without that off-road look option, it looks pretty much exactly like the Pilot. At least up front.

Otherwise, here is another version without the black wheels I saw at the auto show.
Still, nothing that could be called “new”…

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  1. I like the Passport better with the silver wheels! The two pictures are the Pilot but the last picture definitely the Passport!

  2. “l hate the cheap black plastic grille and side cladding.”

    Some how the designer got the impression that black plastic wheel cladding is suppose to show true 4X4 vehicle. None of the true 4X4 SUV have this black cladding around the wheel well: Toyota Land Cruiser, Mercedes G Class, Ford Everest, etc… The 4X4 pickup trucks have this black cladding however. The lower price crossover have this same clawing too.

  3. Of course that didn't take long, all they had to do is make a shorter version of the Pilot with different tail lights.

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