VW I.D based Dune Buggy concept coming up

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If we believe this teaser, it looks like VW is getting ready to show us another Dune Buggy concept.
This time it would be an EV based on the upcoming I.D model.
(Which also means there could be hope for an electric Beetle next)

This will not be the first time VW gives us a test of what could be an all-new Buggy.
The last time was in 2011 with this VW Up! based Buggy up.

Which looked quite nice. And still does.
But nothing ever happened with it.

A dune buggy in 2020 seems to be an extremely small market.
They just canceled de the Beetle, which would sell more than anything like a 2 seater Buggy with no doors.
So I am not too optimistic about ever seeing this in the streets any time soon…

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  1. While niche – I think a dune buggy (done right) would be a winner.

    You'd need it to:
    – Keep the looks close to the concept / what people envision a dune buggy to look like
    – Make it AWD / raise it up a few inches
    – seat 5 (4 comfy – the 5th is more of a PR play / kinda like the current gen Volt is a '4 seater')
    – Make the roof removable.
    – Removable roof.
    – Needs to be an EV (I'm assuming that based upon the ID branding it would be)

    Basically – make it an EV Suzuki Samurai – but with a dune buggy appearance. While that does sound crazy – something like that priced at $20K would be huge; and could easily best the last few years of Beetle sales.

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