What could have been: Porsche Cayenne convertible

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Looks like Porsche might have been inspired by the huge success of the Nissan Murano convertible a few years ago.

Since they actually though pretty hard about a convertible, 2 door version of the Cayenne.
While the Murano convertible did look quite weird and ungainly, this beats it by a mile.
(That weirdo rear end alone  is quite a sight…)

As we all know, this was never given a green light for production.
And the world is now a better place for it…

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  1. This is based on the first gen Cayenne, which was only produced until 2010. The Murano convertible debuted for 2011…so this wouldn’t have been at all inspired by the Nissan as it would have predated it by a number of years.

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