2019 Buick Verano GS

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Yes, this new GS version of the Buick Verano is the same car as the European Opel Astra.
(I have seen the Astra in Europe a few times, and I can say it looks quite nice in real life.)
The previous Verano we had in the US a few years ago was also based on the Astra sedan from a previous generation.
This would, of course, make an interesting model for Buick in the US.
But so far, this is a Chinese offering only. Where Buick offers many more models since it is about 5 times more popular over there than in the US.
The top of the line engine for the GS version is the 2.0 Liter Turbo with 250HP.
Which should be quite fun.
Now that Peugeot owns Opel, there is no way we will see this over here. And I am not even sure how long it will be sold as a Buick in China.
Still, I think it is quite interesting to see the Buick logo on this small sporty hatchback…

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  1. Buick should sell European made versions of this here. Even in small numbers it would help improve its image.

  2. Is it just me or does that roofline and C pillar look suspiciously like the Murano?

    People can complain about the Murano all they want but it set a trend and so many other manufactures have copied it since 2015.

  3. I hate that C-pillar. It looks like Opel finished the car, then someone at GM Head Office in Detroit saw the Murano, thought it looked quite nice and decided to instruct Opel to clumsily slap a similar piece of black plastic trim on the Astra. The way the chrome trim just very obviously comes to an end in the middle of the black plastic makes the car look totally unfinished – they made no attempt to taper it to a point. It just cuts off with a hard edge.

  4. You mean the same basic C-pillar treatment that GM is randomly using on the Chevy Bolt, GMC Terrain and this Verano? Why would they take a styling cue and spread it out over various brands? It's bad enough that their divisions are virtually indistinguishable anymore, let's just indiscriminately slap every current styling trend on each new vehicle as it comes out.

  5. Buick desperately needs a good smaller vehicle. But this isn't it. Neither is the terrible tiny Ute based on the Chevy Trax.

  6. Totally agree with Richard Martin on that badly executed and completely hideous fake floating roof element!

    To me, the overall design of the previous gen Astra 5 door was much better executed and proportioned.

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