2019 Ford Mondeo Wagon Hybrid

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 While Ford decided to kill the Fusion in the US, it is giving its European clone, the Ford Mondeo, a new version, and a few changes.
The new model is a Hybrid version of the Wagon.
It has 187HP and a CVT transmission.

Other models are getting a new 8-speed auto.

As you can see by comparing the 2019 Mondeo to our 2018 Fusion (Above), the European model is also getting a redesigned front end.

Interiors are very similar. But the Mondeo is getting a few modifications to the console for 2019.
And it does look better than the US Fusion.

No matter what, I am pretty amazed how fresh and modern the interior still is. After 6 years!

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  1. Remember, for some reason this version of the Mondeo didn't come out in Europe until I think 2015, despite it being out in the US in 2012.

    I do like the center stack update. Even though it is exactly the same, changing the center console under it gives it a more modern floating look.

  2. Keeping the cupholders away from the gear knob is a good idea, probably a few years too late for some sodas.

    I was thinking why bother connecting the stack and console at all, but it may be safer for knees in a crash.

  3. If you look closely, the European Mondeo just kept the initial Fusion's center stack, just replaced the traditional shifter with the rotary knob instead of the all new console the Fusion received in ca. 2017;

    That said, I think this was a great looking design, and still works well.

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