2019 Renault Clio

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I think Renault did a fantastic job with their new Clio.
It does look a lot like the current design at first, yet manages to seem much more modern.
As if the car was sculpted of one single block. Range Rover did something very similar with the new Evoque. Which does look a lot like the previous one. But again, is actually a much cleaner, more modern design and has almost a futuristic feel to it.
And of course, that interior is quite amazing for a small inexpensive car. (more pictures HERE)
Of course, this is too bad we will never get this over here.
Although the tiny hatchback market is not really setting record numbers these days.
Toyota even announced the demise of the Yaris Hatch in the US a few days ago. 
The Fiesta is gone and Ford won’t sell the new model over here.
Mazda stopped selling us the Mazda 2 years ago. 
Nissan never brought the Micra over here.
I guess, for those of us traveling to Europe, we can always rent one of these over there for a few days…

Here is the current model.
An already cute little car.

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  1. Could this be sold as a Mitsubishi? They're desperate for new product and I'm desperate to have more hatchbacks.

  2. It's a shame Nissan and Renault are at odds.. this would make a very nice Versa/Note replacement! But I like Carl's idea about Mitsubishi, they are literally starving for decent product and this could easily stand in for the hideous Mirage.

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