2020 Cadillac XT5 ?

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There has been a few spy shots of the 2020 Cadillac XT5 around for a while now (like the one above)
But the top picture shows one without any camouflage. (Although it is a Chinese market model) It also shows the only change is basically an updated grille.
Matching the one in recent Cadillac models like the XT4 and 2019 CT6.
The XT5 is a popular model for Cadillac. With over 60 000 sold last year.
The spy shot above seems to show a sportier version. 
I haven’t heard of a new engine coming up for the XT5, but it would be a great idea for Cadillac to use their 3.0 Turbo with over 400hp in a sporty version.
But since even the larger and heavier XT6 isn’t getting that engine, there is little hope it could end up in the XT5…

As a reminder, here is the current model of the Cadillac XT5.

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  1. That has to be ne of the sorriest front clips ever. They should have grafted on the new XT6 front end – which is the only good thing about that new model.

  2. Blah. Why bother, this seems like such a bare-bones update. Was hoping for something more substantial upfront to bring it in line with the facelift CT6, the XT4, and the XT6. The grille shape is identical, they've just changed the look within it.

  3. XT5 looks interior dash looks cheap and the exterior styling looks awkward. I like the XT6 much better. If year end they decided to have employee pricing and discount on the XT6, I probably try to buy one. ?Deal has to be good however. GM does some strange ads and them it on selected models that are the garbage models, options that are missing and/or overpriced. All the rest of the models are at regular price with zero incentives attached.

  4. Both treads seem to be wider on the camo-ed version. Could it be a mule for the XT6?

    Cadillac used to change the grille pattern every year, but that was when they had only 1-3 car lines.

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