2020 Cadillac XT6 interior.

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The bottom picture is the XT5 interior.
Which is OK. I was just expecting the “all-new” XT6 to get at least its own dashboard. But no…

All it seems to be getting is a different steering wheel.
Although the XT5 is due for a refresh very soon, and it’ll probably get the new steering wheel as well.

So the XT6 is just a longer XT5 with a different skin. But again, the XT5 refresh might bring the XT6 face to the smaller model as well.

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  1. I like the extra wood (supposedly 4 varieties available), and the door looks a bit better.

    The lighter upper color is probably only on the Platinum. I've owned 3 black cars (2 Caddys) but have a visceral dislike of any amount of black in an interior, so Cadillac doesn't give me many choices.

  2. The XT6 just shows so little regard for the customers. This thing is 10 years late, and shows up with anonymous styling, the corporate V6 with no upgrade motor or hybrid, and the same dashboard as the lesser model. Cadillac will be trying to get $60-80k for this thing, yet it offers nothing beyond what GM offers in the Traverse or Enclave except maybe softer leather.

    Meanwhile, Lincoln has found its mojo. It's got real model names back, a 50's modern styling direction and unique powertrains. Lincoln is giving people reasons to buy their vehicles beyond just habit.

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