2020 Ford Escape

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Quite surprised to see the all-new Escape with so little camouflage.
Also surprised it looks so different than the current generation.
This now basically looks a lot like a taller new Focus (The one we don’t get)
I think this new Escape looks pretty nice. And much more car-like than before.
This is radically different from the new Toyota RAV4, which now tries very hard to look like a truck.
I think it is a good idea since many people looking for a small crossover don’t want something that looks trucky or aggressive.
Let’s hope Ford designed a specific interior for this. Since the current, “non-US” Focus interior is pretty bad…
This looks ready to go, which means we should see the whole thing in a few days for the Detroit auto show.
More pictures HERE. 

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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Toyota turned the RAV4 into an ugly clone of the 4Runner, and Ford is going in the opposite direction. I hope the new Escape is big enough. The CRV got way bigger, the Equinox is larger, the Tucson is larger (and rumored to get bigger in the next gen), and that sloping rear window is a concern. The CRV and RAV4 sell so well because of the huge cargo capacity, while other competitors go the sporty route with more fast back styling and less cargo room.

  2. As much as I hate that this has strayed so far from the original Escape concept of previous generations, it certainly makes sense that Ford would choose to make soft-roaders like the EcoSport, Escape and Edge more carlike since they will effectively be replacing the Fiesta, Focus and Fusion.. and since they are also planning to introduce new, more trucklike models in these same segments.

  3. Vince, don't forget that there is a "baby Bronco" in the pipeline that will offer SUV type styling with essentially the same running gear as this vehicle. Ford seem to looking to offer something for both ends of this segment.

  4. Vince, you do realize Ford will address the much buchier RAV4 with the new sub-Bronco model. There was no need to make the Escape more rugged.

  5. Ford seems to 2 parallel product lines that may share a lot of underpinnings. The "E"s like, Escape, Explorer and Edge are the feminine, aerodynamic ones. The new Broncos – there will be 2 sizes (right?) will look a bit more square and masculine… and these are styled more like the trucks.

  6. Since it's a new model, I hope this gets LED headlights on all trim levels. Current Ford headlights are pitiful.

  7. The new styling of the Escape looks to be more eggshell look! It going for the more feminine buyers I suspect! Otherwise, the baby Bronco will be for the more manly image!

  8. Actually a nice replacement for the Focus hatch. if you gotta sell nothing but CUV/SUV's having this in the lineup isn't bad. Ford's gone too long with no new product, 'bout time.

  9. Doug F: the Equinox is smaller this generation than the last generation, to make room for the Blazer.

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