2020 Genesis G80

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While the current generation started life as a Hyundai, this one will be born as a true Genesis model.
At least from these pictures, it looks a lot like a larger G70.
A big G70 with the new G90 huge weirdo grille on it. (Not sure that’s such a great look.)
I think it would have been much more interesting as a Audi A7 competing hatchback.
Making it very different from the smaller G70 and larger G90.
Apparently, the base engine might now be a 2.0 Liter Turbo. As Genesis could try to sell its cars in Europe. 
Why not.
Since most of it’s competion from other luxury manufacturers offer 4 cylinder engines in their mid-sized luxury models.
Like the $54 000 Mercedes E-Class…

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  1. Genesis has 2 great things going for it, attractive designs and warranty. And the most stupid, no dealers with no inventory….

  2. Looks like it has a reasonably upright rear window. I hate the fastback look that 99% of sedans now have. It's mostly the thought of the lost headroom.

  3. Fastbacks are fine with the lost headroom in the rear. I bet 85% of the time you are alone in your car and the other 14% you have one passenger.

  4. Ralph L, that's because Vince only picked two photos that don't show the profile. There are a TON of side view pics at MotorAuthority.com that reveal the very disappointing Audi A7-like greenhouse and ducktail.

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