2020 Genesis G80 Interior

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The next generation G80 sedan will be the first time the model will be a true Genesis design. Since both previous generations were sold under the Hyundai brand.
And from the look of these interior shots, the interior will be truly luxurious.
With more original and upscale feel. 
I really think the Genesis brand could have a very bright future. With, finally, an SUV on the way (with 2 more coming later), this could become serious competition to Lexus.
And also to Lincoln and Cadillac.
Good for them…

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  1. There’s something seriously wrong with the picture of the front seats…look at the split out the window…?

  2. Gosh you're on a roll Vince, excellent work on these spy reports and future models. I've not been following this as much as I did the current "DH" body during 2012 and 2013. But, can only imagine it will be revolutionary once again.

  3. Looks kinda like Lexus. I hope they stay simple…I imagine they get some Lexus customers coming over because of the over complicated design

  4. One would think. I’m amazed Lexus can sell some of the crappy designs they now peddle. Their customer service and reliability are key, and at least they’re no longer copying Mercedes’ sedans like when Lexus started in the ‘80s.

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