2020 Genesis GV80

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These are pictures of Genesis’s very first SUV.
Which is exactly what hat new brand needs to establish itself in the luxury car market. 
It looks almost ready. And not a day too soon. Since, so far, Genesis has 3 sedans in a market where SUVs are much more popular.

Here is the 2017 Concept.
It looks like the production version will stay pretty close. A good thing since the concept looked really nice.
It won’t stand out much from the competition though.
Which, I guess, is what people want these days… That and a big chrome grille.

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  1. GV80? Kind of a crappy name. Was hoping Genesis might give a nod to Hyundai's near-luxury past and call it the XG80 (after the XG300 and XG350s of the last decade).

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