2020 Hyundai Sonata

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Looks like the next Sonata will be a bit sleeker than the current model. But not by that much when you compare both.
The whole thing seems a bit softer. With less hard lines. And maybe a bit simpler.
Which seems to be a recent thing. As we are seeing a push back against an over design trend from the past few years. New designs from Mercedes especially, are much simpler and cleaner.
But even the most recent models from Honda and Toyota seem to be heading in the same direction.

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  1. "… Even the most recent models from Honda and Toyota seem to be heading in the same direction."

    You're saying that the Honda Civic exhibits "simpler and cleaner lines" ??

    It's design disaster. Folds and creases like there's no tomorrow!!

    Yet, it's a sales success (with all of the tacked on excess – and all).

    Oh well…

  2. When are they going to completely redesign the greenhouse to make it seem completely new? That greenhouse was introduced in 2009 as a 2010 model. It I'd 10 years old now.

  3. What the heck is with those protruding tail lights? Are they going to help this car take flight?
    I really hope that's just some packing added to the camo to make this look ridiculous, because if not the sales of the Sonata will tank even more.

    The protruding plastic on the passenger light has to be a good 3 inches on the bottom and over 4 inches at the top. Hideous.

  4. I think the overall shape is much sleeker than the current version. I’m expecting this to be one of the better looking mainstream midsize sedans on the market. The Japanese trifecta (Accord, Altima, and Camry) all have ungainly proportions and unsightly styling elements. The next gen Passat is an experiment in mediocre ho-hum. Ford and Chrysler have abandoned the segment with their tails between their legs. That leaves the handsome Malibu, the interesting Optima, and the beautifully sexy Mazda6 to lead the pack in exterior styling along with this svelte new gen Sonata. I think it will merge a much sleeker shape with some eye catching design elements.

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