2020 Lexus LX

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I guess the Lexus LX and its cousinToyota LandCruiser might be up for a new design next year. So people are starting to come up with illustrations of what they could look like.
The one above shows one ugly beast. Even uglier than the current model.
Which means it could actually be pretty realistic…
I guess there is a market for such things… And will still be one by 2020.

Here is the current model.
Which I am sure is very capable off-road.

But in the US at least, it goes against trucks like the new Navigator and upcoming redesigned Escalade.
Which are really not as vulgar as this. No matter how hard they try…

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  1. Many people buy and drive a true full capability SUV live in rural areas and go off-road a lot. Many rich people also buy these vehicles because the are reliable and live in the snow belt. They maybe ugly looking now but people who buy them are not concern with looks.

  2. Ugh. This could, can, should be Lexus assault on Land Rover. They need to make it more truck looking and less Alien vs Predator

  3. Vince, your comment on the inevitable ugliness is sad but hilarious!

    I'm wondering if these Lexi have to pass a "cringe test" before release….
    I knew a team of designers that worked on casinos once that would get drunk on Fridays to come up with the over-the-top details. If the design didn't make them cringe on Monday, it wasn't good enough….

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