2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA interior teaser

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So the all-new CLA for 2020 has some automatic, motion triggered dome light for the front seats.

That can be convenient, of course. I just wonder what happens if someone is sitting in the passenger seat. Or does it recognize the weight of what’s on the seat like the airbag sensor?

The CLA will cost thousands more than the extremely similar A-Class sedan. As a matter of fact, the A-Class and CLA will get the same interior.

(With less rear headroom in the CLA.)

I guess they have to come up with some kind of gimmick for the extra thousands

(Besides the slightly sleeker shape)

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  1. Wow… you wave your arm and the light comes on. This is truly groundbreaking stuff in 2019!!

    (And probably costs about $3.00 to include in the interior).

    But it will only be available as part of a 'Luxury Package' – costing thousands.

    They aren't fooling anyone (like they used to!)

  2. You do realize that the CLS is just an E-Class? And cost thousands more too. Same principle here….sedan and then "coupe", cost more.

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