2020 Mercedes C-Class sedan ?

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With the new A-Class sedan and CLA out, the next Mercedes C-Class seems to be around the corner.

The car pictured here could very well be that next A-Class.
But it does look a lot like a strange version of the new A-Class sedan as well.
(Although that rear bumper is quite different…)

The front end also looks like the A-Class. Which is inspired by the CLS. That same face will also end up on the regular E-Class for the 2020 model year.
So the next C-Class could very well have a similar front end anyway.
Since all these cars look so much alike, it is very hard to tell for sure which one it is.

The wheels are also quite strange. They do look familiar though, but I can’t remember where I saw that design…

And that weirdo thing attached to the bumper, flapping in the wind. A strange cover of some kind.
(You can see exhaust pipes, so no EV here. Unless that’s all fake)

What do you think this is:

– 2020 C-Class?
– 2020 E-Class refresh?
– 2020 New version of the A-Class?

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  1. It’s some variant of the A class; headlights and taillights match with the A class sedan. WAY too small to be the C or the E Class

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