2020/21 Nissan Z

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Another car that coudl be replaced after 10 years: the Nissan Z. (It was introduced in December 2008)
There has been rumors of a new one for years.
EV. Not EV.   Hybrid. Not hybrid.   V6. Not V6. Etc…

Now it seems that Nissan could be using their new 3.0 Liter V6 Turbo.
Which usually makes much more power than the current 3.7 Liter V6.

These are obviously just illustrations.
It seems that every time Nissan comes up with a new design language, someone does an illustration of what a new Z could look like.

The current model is still a very nice, sporty drive. The good part is you can get a used one for a super good price.

We’ll have to wait and see what that all new one will be like…

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  1. I test drove this Z300 when it came out and it was rattling, no insulation, very noise and no suspension over the bumps. Not fast either. The dealership at the time did not deal and that was fine with me, since Inowned a Z280 when I was young! It was a great sport car and the Z309 was cheap and junky!

  2. There is no redesign coming because it was canceled by Nissan management 12 months ago.

    Only a comprehensive Z34 2020 facelift had been on the table for some 6 months ago, at the cost of a low 9 figures. Ditto for GTR facelift as well, before R36.

  3. That looks like a winner.
    Why hasn't Nissan/Infinity updated their wares in the past decade?
    Owned a G37 Convertible for 24 Hrs. a couple Yrs. back, my wife had me take it back the next day.

  4. This is by far and away the most singlehandedly poorly written comment ever on this site.

    Z300? Z280? What kind of crack are you smoking?

    You mean 300ZX? 280ZX? What the HELL is the Z309?!

    Are you talking about a 300ZX Z31 (‘83-89) or a Z32 (‘90-96)? Are you talking about a 280Z S30 (‘76-78) or a 280ZX S130 (‘79-82)?

    How on earth is anyone supposed to decipher such drivel?

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