A look at that “not so new” 2020 VW Passat

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The one on top is the 2020 Passat for the US.
Bellow, we have the current model. And the black car is the all-new Chinese Passat released a few weeks ago.
The US and Chinese Passat used to be the same cars.
But VW has decided to spend more money on the Chinese model this time around, and use the more modern MQB platform (Used in the US Jetta)
I have to say, the 2020 US model does look all new when compared to 2019.
Hard to tell from these pictures if the glass is the same, but they did a good job at designing something that looks like an all-new design.
The Chinese model seems sleeker and longer. 
Not sure how much money they save by having 2 totally different cars for the US and China. 
This is pretty weird to me.
And let’s not forget, there is still a 3rd different Passat model for Europe.
The whole thing seems so inefficient. When you consider Mazda has no problem selling the same Mazda6 everywhere.

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  1. It would look better with the grille about 2 inches behind the bumper instead of flush, but that's no longer in fashion.

    The Chinese illustration looks longer and sleeker partly because there's whitespace under and above it. The roof profile above the side windows may be slightly flatter, too.

  2. new 2020 Passat looks like an Audi A6 style! I like it. But being a VW, parts and reliability is a concern. To those who question parts, think Mercedes costs.

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