All new Cadillac EV coming up.

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GM has just mentioned a few days ago that Cadillac will be the first brand to use their brand new EV platform.
And the pictures above show the all-new Cadillac EV crossover model.
Or at least, a concept version.
Of course, these are just computer illustrations, but I think it already looks great.
With a really nice take on an electric version of the Cadillac grille.

This is really stylish and should do great against the Mercedes EQC or Audi E-Tron.
If. (And that’s a big “if”). If they keep the production model close to this.
The XT6 shows us that Cadillac is not afraid of designing something that has zero personality as a production model.
Let’s hope this is not like the gorgeous Escala concept. With its great interior that has, so far, not inspired any production design…

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  1. Is it just me, or do the downward slope at the front of the hood and the power-bulge contours above it scream Chevy Blazer, not Cadillac? Looks like GM's decision to move EVs to Cadillac literally happened a few days ago, before which this was clearly intended to be a Chevy before slapping a Cadillac front fascia on it.. they could have called it Revolt!

  2. This would be a prime candidate for Voltec, since the ICE would give it the highway range lost to the poor CUV aerodynamics. The price range justifies the cost of the extra motors. Unfortunately, ANY gas pollutants are anathema to EV buyers, who don't consider how their electricity is produced.

    The XT6 looked much better in the crummy video I saw of the unveiling. The lighting they used was absolutely terrible.

  3. We all sadly know what happens to all interesting concepts from GM – they strip out everything of interesting, turn them into cheap piles of blandness, produce them at the lowest quality spec and then charge to much for them.

    GM is Generalmente Mierda.

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