Another Honda Urban EV concept coming up

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Before releasing the production version, Honda will show us another concept version of their Urban EV.
(The original concept was shown in 2017)
It does look quite a bit different than the concept. But still cute and quite retro/futuristic.
Which is really nice.

As a reminder, here is the 2017 Concept.
Such a pure and simple design.

Let’s hope Honda keeps things simple for the production version…

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  1. Bummer.. looks like a lot of the personality has been lost from concept to new concept.. the smaller headlights and overly rounded bumper have diluted the look quite a bit.

  2. The original version was much nicer and appealing. I don’t know why all manufacturers make small vehicule look like crap…

  3. I was actually becoming hopeful that with the EV concepts the Honda styling department was finally learning how to edit.. and then the revised concept becomes a bloated, rounded mess. 🙁

  4. same- the original version was much cleaner. i would buy the original version even if it wasn't an EV. put a small engine in it or hybrid or turbo. i take it. the new one.. eh…

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