Another picture of that horrible new grille on the 2020 BMW 7 series

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That pretty much says it all. BMW has turned the classic (and classy) 7 series luxury sedan into a monster.
This is really too bad.
We’ll see what Mercedes comes up with next year with their all-new S-Class. But I bet it’ll be much nicer than this horror.

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  1. I like the current 7 series styling! In another year or so, I will look at buying the current 7 series with the V6 inside. I will just save around $15K in the bank for the expected service and repairs however. I try for an BMW extended warranty to but they are pricey and only last 2 more years.

  2. I do not mind it and would prefer to see it in the flesh. This is too close up of a photo. Definitely the headlights are nicely integrated.

  3. Harry Wild you are unusually obtuse and never sensible about anything! When has BMW ever sold a V6? WTF?

    I6 is not a V6! What a joke! SMH

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