Cadillac in trouble. Again…

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At least from these pictures, the future of the all-new XT6 doesn’t look very bright.
Not sure who would ever pick it over the new Lincoln Aviator…
Since Cadillac has not been aggressive on pricing lately, I bet the XT6 won’t be any cheaper than the Lincoln. Which also rides on a brand new more modern RWD platform and has much more power and a Hybrid option.
At similar prices, the XT6 future seems pretty bleak.
What do you think?

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  1. I agree from a auto enthusiasts perspective. Not all buyers will feel this way. I think buyers are more interested in looks and practicality. This is for the cool mom with money. I think it will be competitive.

  2. Is it disappointing, yeah it is. But I see this has going after the luxury CUV market that Volvo targets, rather than the traditional SUV market. In my opinion, this is a true successor to the first gen SRX with three rows and a more wagon like appearance. It does need a twin turbo V6, which I'm sure will come in the following year with a V-sport trim. Lincoln is playing catch up since the MKT was a flop and the platform is RWD based because Ford in their infinite wisdom decided to merge the Explorer platform with the Mustang.

  3. I had never noticed the odd painted A and D pillars of the Lincoln previously, but just went and looked and yeah they appear to be there. What a weird choice on an otherwise nice design.

    The caddy looks super boring though. If this is what the escala concept look is going to look like in practice, it seems like the wrong direction.

  4. The front end is awful. It's so bland and badly proportioned. That Aviator looks it was designed to make people want it. Like people will go to a Lincoln dealership to see it. The XT6 seems it's to keep Cadillac buyers from defecting.

  5. I actually like the very front of the Caddie more than the Lincoln – talking the grille, the headlights and the angles only It could be better but it is nice. The Lincoln kicks the Caddie's butt in every other way though.

    I imagine, though, that if I needed a monster like this I would just get the new Explorer and save the money. Very little about $75k "lux" utility vehicles is much better than the $50k vehicles they are based on. Anyone who pays $25k basically for slightly finer leather and slightly softer plastic surfaces is stupid – not a one of them would pay $25k for a leather upgrade on a sofa set for their living room, but they don't bat an eye to pay that on a car. Just save the dinero.

  6. I genuinely feel my eyes hurt from turning my gaze from the lincoln to the cadilac. the XT6 is terrible

  7. To improve 3rd row headroom, they kept the roof flat, which makes the car look a bit frumpy to me.

    The Aviator doesn't do it for me, partly because of that weird pillar treatment mentioned above. Once you see it, it's hard to ignore. The interior is garish and too rectilinear–like most Fords for decades.

  8. Cadillac designs are interesting from certain angles and bland from others. Overall, I find it less distinctive than the Palisades and I have a feeling it will be a no show when the Genesis SUV comes around. Combine this with overpricing, for vehicles that have reliability and quality problems, and the “rich old fart” stigma, and they have a real challenge in their hands. Where is the XT4? I have yet to see one.

  9. When you see this, it becomes apparent why de Nysschen was shown the door. After all the wasted time with the wrong model mix, they finally introduce their very late-to-the-party 3-row crossover and it's….a tarted up Acadia with the same engine, forgettable styling and an interior from another model that has already gotten stale.

    This is what required an expensive move to NYC? What a letdown. Of course they will sell some, because people want 3 rows, but in the price range they will play in, how does this win over Mercedes, Audi, Volvo and even Acura? They will also have a challenging time against top-end models from Ford, Hyundai, Mazda and others.

    The product planners had to be picking their teeth up off the ground when it was revealed that even the base model of the Aviator would outgun it by nearly 100 HP.

    Maybe the rumored electric models will turn the tide, but right now, Cadillac is nothing but weak efforts and bad decisions.

  10. While I don’t find either vehicle attractive, at least the Aviator has the goods and distinctive looks to properly compete in its segment. The XT6 looks like a tarted up mainstream crossover that is totally void of any interest or personality.

  11. The Lincoln looks much more expensive. The Cadillac looks like a Pilot with Caddy front and rear end, it has no personality.

  12. They really going to be in trouble if Genesis upcoming CUV arrives this year after unveiling at NYAS.

  13. Size is that of the GMC Acadia! Has two version, Premium and Sport. Sport edition has black mesh front grill, blackout trim and color matching wheel wells, carbon dash in lays pieces along with a sport tuned handling package. Rumor to be $10K more.

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