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Many years ago, I had a girlfriend who was driving a first generation Supra.
Back when it was still called the “Celica Supra”. Basically a super-luxury version of the Celica with a longer hood and a 6 cylinder engine.
Hers was pretty old and a bit beaten-up by then. But I remember it was still a very cool car. Loaded with tons of stuff.
My favorite is actually the 3rd generation. The last one before they became really sporty.
( I never really liked the 4th generation)
Once in a while, I feed this guilty pleasure of mine. Scanning the internet to see how much a late 3rd generation goes for these days… ( I also do this with the Subaru SVX)
Which one is your favorite?
And have you ever owned one?

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  1. Owned 5th and 6th generation Celica. Great cars.
    They screwed it up for the last gen trying to make it small and affordable.

  2. My best friend had a second gen. for a few years. Very smooth straight six and high quality interior for the day, but the leather smelt strongly and strange. Otherwise, far superior to a contemporary T-top Camaro I rode in once.

    Like all Japanese cars I've been in, the head restraint hit me in the base of the neck even when fully up.

  3. The 3rd generation was the pinnacle of Japanese pony cars… even the Honda Accord couple is dead.

  4. That 1982 Supra was so good looking. I was a kid then but to me it was like something from outer space.

  5. As a 90's kid the fourth gen will always be a legend to me. I remember reading the Car and Driver review of it and being amazed that it could accelerate from 0-60 in 4.6 seconds, which was faster than a Corvette or a Porsche at the time. Second gens in my mind are that ubiquitous 80's sports coupe. Very vivid mental images of ones with that very 80's plastic rear window strake, two-tone black-and-silver paint job, and a red velour interior.

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