Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept

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The all-new Infiniti QX Inspiration concept is supposed to show us the new design direction for most upcoming Infiniti SUVs. Especially the electric ones.
The front end still has a massive area where a giant grille would be if this wasn’t an EV. 
Kind of like a worse version of the Tesla Model 3 front end, where this is still a space for a non-existent grille.
The side of the Infiniti concept is rather blunt. Almost cartoonishly brutal.
With a disturbing, heavy-handed side crease that goes nowhere. 
Since this is not a joke, let’s hope this is just a short-lived mistake. One that will not live past the upcoming Detroit Auto show.
Let’s pray for none of this to actually show up on a production model…

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  1. Copied the Camaro gun lit greenway and made them even narrower! Great for increase accidents! Insurance nightmare car! Premiums will be sky high!

  2. I think the problem is the cartoony proportions and not so much the blank grill. We've all been mocking and getting tired of the huge grills… and totally expecting the pendulum to swing the other way.

    The standard these days has become those gun slit windows and giant wheels, this is a ubiquitous, yet illogical theme for functionality. Like the huge grills, it also will come to make the cars of this time look very dated some day…. Unfortunately, tall greenhouses and small wheels aren't very sexy. (hmmm… tall windows, small wheels, no grill…. what would that look like? Old Corvairs and Hillman Imps?)

  3. Including a giant dent in the side of a new car is genius! No more worrying about getting that first ding in the parking lot.

  4. This just isn't working for me. I doesn't have the more sensuous body sculpting that Inifinti's are usually known for. This looks like a Chinese Lexus…

    The proportions are laughable. Of course the DLO will grow for production, but this is verging on extreme, even for a concept.
    It's made worse by the rear side profile, a spitting image of a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (yuck).
    That side crease is only icing on the cake.

    Very meh, poorly executed in places, and ultimately forgettable. Sort of the same story for most of Infinit's lineup today anyway…

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