Lexus LC Convertible Concept

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This is one concept that looks ready for production.
This would be a fantastic looking convertible. As the coupe version is already a very impressive design in the flesh.
It also has one of the nicest and most luxurious interiors around. 
But at a starting price of $93 000, the coupe is already very expensive. (Although a bargain compared to the $112 000 BMW 8 series)
A convertible would no doubt be around $10 000 more. 
The main problem is that Lexus only sold less than 2000 units of the LC last year.
A convertible version would add maybe a few hundred to that low number.
Sure, the LC is an image car and not meant to be a popular car.
But, a convertible seems like a lot of work and investment for such a small number.
At the same time, it is great to see a giant brand like Toyota putting the effort and investment in such a cool car.
Good for them…

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  1. Beautiful… but a really don't understand those things that look like rear seats but have no room for humans

  2. They need to build it if only to provide some sort of commonality between the three generations of Lexus' flagship coupe.. the first SC was a 4-seat coupe, then the second SC was a 2+2 hardtop/convertible.. this would allow the LC to have ties to both previous bodystyles. And it does look pretty damn good.

  3. There issue is the lack of awd. The coupe is beautiful minus the funky c pillar. This is the first shot I’ve seen of the top up and now I understand why. Top up doesn’t look great.

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