More pictures of the 2020 Mercedes CLA

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At least, this is not the tacky black and orange car featured on the official shots.
And the interior picture doesn’t have the photoshopped cheezy interior “mood lighting” everywhere..
Still, while the shape is fine (but nothing new) that interior is still a bit hard to stomach.
The double giant screens look cool. But the never-ending sea of clashing shapes and materials is just too much for my taste…

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  1. Vince – Couldn't agree more about the lack of continuity with the interior design.


    MB was doing so well with their recent designs. This is a disjointed mess.

  2. Not sure where you are getting a starting price of $24 995 (???) since the current model already starts at $34 000.
    The new one pictured here will start at almost $40 000. (Since the new A-Class sedan is rumored to start at around $35 000)

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