2019 Hyundai Santa Fe LWB

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 Yes, there is a longer version of the new Hyundai Santa Fe coming out soon.
But since we are getting the all-new larger Palisade, this big Santa Fe is for China only.

When compared to the regular 5 seater model (pic above) it actually doesn’t look that much longer.
Although the design is quite different. Even the rear doors are not the same…

 The rear is all new compared to the shorter version.
This isn’t just a longer model with more seats…

 Inside, the console is all new. With an electronic shifter and a new (larger?) screen.

And of course, 2 more seats and a longer cargo area…

I think it looks quite nice and a bit more original than the regular shorter model.
And also a bit cleaner than the busy looking Palisade.

Still, the Kia Telluride is clearly the winner here, inside and out. 

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  1. The sad for part for Honda is the Santa Fes look more different in design than the Passport and Pilot

  2. Nothing worth seeing here.. looks like a current Highlander with weird silver trim on the D-pillar and Volvo or Forester taillights stuck to the back. The 2-row looks much better.

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