2020 Buick Encore

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A new Buick Encore has been “around the corner” for a while now.
So I guess it could actually come out any time. 
It is still under heavy camouflage on these pictures, and it is hard to tell much about the design. Except it generally seems to stay close to the current version.
The current generation is basically a Buick version of the Opel Mokka X. 
An all-new Mokka X is also due out soon in Europe.
But now, Opel isn’t GM anymore. (Now Peugeot)
Buick might end up being in quite a tough spot soon. The Encore is a very popular model for them (Over 93 000 last year. More than ever before)
Now they might end up having to pay Peugeot for it?
Not sure how that works.
The Regal and Tour-X are also Opel cars now built by Peugeot in Germany. And the Envision is threatened with a 25%Tariff.
They discontinued the Lacrosse and Cascada. 
Which leaves them only with the Enclave as a “true Buick”.
Everything else isn’t really safe for the long term. Or is it?

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  1. Kinda weird that Buick/GMC dealers may soon not have any sedans to sell. Tariffs or not, the Regal doesn't sell enough in NA to redo. It doesn't look like Buicks made in China will cut it here, but then I didn't think Korean ones would sell either.

    They need something significantly wider and a little longer than Encore for people turned off by Terrain.

    I don't know about the comfort, but why can't Cadillac and the other Buicks offer seats as upscale-looking or as interesting as these as an option?

  2. Yes, it will be quite interesting. They do have a very nice lineup now. The German/Opel influence has been a really good one for them.
    All their current models drive really nice and are pretty attractive. (Although I have not driven the Encore…)

  3. Is there really a point to camouflaging a new Buick? It's not as if anybody's going to be ripping off its styling.

  4. But isn't the Encore built by GM in Korea?

    I know other US-bound Buicks have been Opels. But wasn't the Encore an exception?

    I'm confused. Please clarify.


  5. Peugeot will be setup dealership in 7 years in the U.S. I like their styling better then GM. I heard it now about the same reliability as GM too. So it all good for Peugeot! Hopefully, the Japanese will be changing out their design leadership so they get back in line with making attractive looking cars too!

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