2020 Cadillac XT6 (China)

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The Chinese market model is the white one above.
And of course, it is pretty much the same car as the one built in the US for the North American market.
Except for details like the chrome clip on the bumper and lack of side turn signals.
the main difference is the availability of GM’s newest version of the 2.0 Liter Turbo engine with “only” 230HP.
It looks like this new, less powerful and noisier engine is replacing the previous 2.0 Liter in about every GM model that used the previous one.
Which is too bad. Since in the XT4 I found it to be quite noisy at idle.
While the previous one was not… It also has quite a bit less power.
While not being really more efficient at all.

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  1. I've seen very different reviews of the new 2.0T, some say quiet, some say loud. One about the CT6 said loud even when warm.

    An even more lifeless photo than the ones for the US press release. It's curious that the wheels are reversed–more likely, the photo was. In the youtube bad driver videos, they don't use turnsignals in Asia, so no loss there.

  2. I am getting to see the XT6 as being more attractive as time goes on. I will have test drive it in the Spring time. V6 all the way for me! Turbos breakdown and are expensive to replace!

  3. If Cadillac can replace a quiet, powerful engine with a noisy, less powerful one, why wouldn’t they?

  4. It's a shame this will sell b/c of the current CUV craze..honestly, it's SUCH a bland product. I'm scared that Caddy will perceive sales success as a result of the design…

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