2020 Ford Escape

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The exterior design of the next Escape is a pretty radical change from the current model.
Just like what Toyota did with their new RAV-4.
Except that Ford decided to go the opposite direction. Instead of embracing a more truck look like Toyota, they are going for a high riding carlike design. A tall hatchback/wagon thing.
(The macho/truck look will go on the Bronco and “baby Bronco”)

Which is fine, since the new Focus is not being sold in the US. This could almost take its place in the lineup?
Except the Escape, at about $6000 more than the Focus, will not really be a replacement.
No matter how many Focus parts it is using.

And it will be using many.
This is especially obvious inside.

The top picture is the 2020 Escape. While the bottom one is the current European Focus (The one we are not getting in the US)
And, as you can see, they are exactly the same.
Which is sad since the new Focus interior is really nothing special, looking pretty cheap and uninspired.
And that new Escape will still start at over $24 000.
For $6000 more, it should have a different and better interior than the Focus.

Sure, for most US customers, this will be brand new since they’ve never seen the current Focus.
But Honda doesn’t use the Civic interior in the CR-V.
Even the HR-V doesn’t have the Fit interior.

The prototype above looks production ready and even the steering wheel is from the Focus.

I smell a giant profit margin here…

(more pictures HERE)

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  1. Ford has always shared parts and interiors between vehicles. It increases profits. Glad to see they are totally going away from the unneeded transmission stick on all models, though I'm sure they'll keep for the trucks (at least for a while).

  2. If the new Escape has a ST model, I may downsize my crossover purchase into a smaller, quicker sport type muscle AWD crossover.

  3. Makes sense for the Escape to use the Focus interior in the US, especially if we will eventually get "Active" and "ST" versions to match. Where it doesn't make sense is using the same interior on the Kuga, since it will be sold alongside the Focus in other markets.

  4. Does anyone else feel like this new one looks shorter height wise compared to the current model? I'm not sure I like the direction Ford is going with this one, but it makes sense when you take into account the Bronco and "baby Bronco" will be joining the lineup soon.

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