2020 Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair

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It looks like Ford is doing a great job making sure the new Lincoln Corsair doesn’t look like its cheaper Ford Escape cousin.

Although these 2 cars are pretty much the same thing underneath, they do look completely different. With their own personalities.
While the Corsair tries very hard to look like a small Aviator, the Ford version seems to be going for a “Big Focus” look.
Both good ideas.

The Lincoln Aviator looks great and turning that design into a smaller cheaper model can only spell success for Lincoln.
And, let’s not forget, the new name “Corsair”.
So great to see that Lincoln has been ditching stupid names like MKS or MKZ for a while now.
Something Cadillac really, really needs to do.

Engines for the Escape will include a new 1.5 Liter 3 cylinder as the base powertrain. Or a 240HP version of the 2.0 Liter Turbo.
A plug-in hybrid will be available using a 2.5 Liter engin.

Lincoln will of course not get the small 1.5 Liter and its bes engine will be the 2.0.
With a more powerful 2.3 Liter ansn an option with 275HP.
It will also get the Plug-in hybrid vesion.

Just like with the Aviator, Lincoln will offer more choices and more power than its Cadillac competiton.
As the XT 4 comes with only one engine. And no hybrid version at all…

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  1. Lincoln is on a roll and is on the road to success with these! They just need to make sure they ADVERTISE. I'm so happy that they are ditching the MK-Crap names and going for real ones again.

    I'm wondering if the MKZ will bow out? No more Lincoln sedans aside from the Continental?

  2. What's old is new, it seems. Ford used the Corsair nameplate in Europe in the mid-60s-to-1970. Corsair was also the model of an Edsel from 1958-60.

  3. Corsair was a name also a WWII multi-purpose U.S. Navy/Marine fighter plane in the Pacific threater that went head to head with the Japanese Zero. It is the plane The Black Squadron flew too!

    I really like the size of the upcoming new Corsair and it styling language of that of a bigger Aviator.

  4. I like that they're more car-like than SUV. Body-color fender trim would be even better.

    The Corsair has the same weird edges of the roof paint color as the Aviator, or was it the Navigator.

  5. The Lincoln designers have done a good job. The Corsair manages to look premium even under all that camo.

  6. @Ralph L; that's what I was thinking. Autoblog got ratioed in their comments for suggesting that an ST version would be as good as a Focus ST, but really by the time they lowered it an inch or so and bodycolored the cladding, it would be a really nice wagon.

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