2020 Honda Fit

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Of course, this is just an illustration.

But it does look a bit better than some others I have posted before.
And it kind of matches the spy shots.
Although most of it is still anyone’s guess.

I really hope Honda does a good job with the next Fit. I still think the previous generation looked so much better than the current one.
The Fit is a great little car that really deserves to look as good as it is.

The front end of the illustration above is quite droopy. Let’s hope the real thing is better…

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  1. Finally…. The current generation had been a big step backwards compared to the previous one: was really cute, clever and functional. My sister used it as a minivan to carry around children. Fantastic car. And with the tipical Honda quality and reliability. So let's hope….

  2. To Anonymous:
    There will be probably 2 versions.One with the typical plastic cladding,a roof railing and an outdorisch appearence and the other without these asseccories but with a differently styled radiator grill.
    Just check out the spy shots and you can spot the differences even with the camouflage.

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