2020 Jaguar XE

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 It is time for Jaguar to give the XE sedan a mid-cycle “facelift”.

it is a pretty minute affair up front. Sure, the lights, grille and bumpers are actually different. But I doubt anyone will ever notice. Except for current owners.
(new one on top)

 In the back, the lights look a bit more like the ones on the i-Pace now.

Although not an all-new interior, the XE gets new a console, steering wheel, and door panels.
Which actually help a lot I think.
The rotary shifter is gone and the AC controls have their own screen. Just like recent range Rover models.

No more V6 or diesel. At least in the US.
We now only get 2 versions of the 2.0 Liter engine.
With 250HP or 300HP.
AWD is still an option.

And of course, there is a price bump for the new year. About $3000 over last year’s model.

It seems that everybody was waiting for that “new small jag sedan” a few years ago.
Then it finally came out. Right on time for a shrinking sedan market.
jaguar sold only 4705 of them last year. (Best year was 2017 with 9278)
That is less than anything else in the segment ( I think…)

makes you wonder if it is even worth it for them to offer the car in the US.
And there is even more competition now. With a brand new BMW 3 series. And the all-new Genesis G70.

These few changes and the $3000 price bump don’t seem like such a great idea…

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  1. Ooooo, colored lights!

    Do those new bumps on the steering wheel rim serve any purpose?

    It would be interesting to know the take rate of the more powerful engines of all sport sedans. I suspect it's quite low.

  2. It’s definitely better. Still not great. Jaguar four doors are becoming horribly boring. Not good

  3. No doubt the price increase will bring people flocking into the showrooms to buy these.
    Jag certainly is just reacting to all those customer surveys that showed people wanted to buy the XE but the price was simply too low.

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