Cadillac XT4 test drive coming up…

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I just got a brand new Cadillac XT4 to drive this week.

As you can see, the weather has not been great in Hollywood lately. No artic vortex here, but still, not the best to drive around.
But it should be over soon and I will be spending plenty of time behind the wheel.

The model I got is a loaded “AWD Sport”. So it is not cheap.
With the “base” XT4 starts at around $35 000, this one is $57 000.
Which sounds crazy expensive, until you price the competition.
Like a loaded BMW X3 for over $58 000 with the 2.0 Liter. (The 6 is way more)
A loaded Lexus UX is also almost $56 000.
So no matter what, these types of “compact” Luxury SUVs come with tons of very expensive options.
But you can get them very well equipped for much less.

So far, it feels very solid and looks really nice in person.
It is also quite roomy. (Which could be bad news for the XT5)
The engine sounds slightly busy when cold, but become pretty much silent after that.

I also like the interior design. Which creates an upscale and relaxing atmosphere.

As usual, I will try to answer any questions you might have…

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  1. Size wise isn't this more similar to a BMW X1 than a X3. Cadillac needs to price its products better instead of high MSRP's only to later give 10K discounts because they don't sell.

  2. XT4 for $57K plus sales tax and looking at $63K! Cadillac really think their potential buyers are totally stupid and just maybe they are?Cannot wait to see the XT7 top of the line price is! Got to be in the $80K range since their is still the XT5 in the middle. Woweee$$$$$! Many will buy it anyways!

  3. Most people won't buy the $57 000 version I am driving. Same with the competition. (Most people won't spend $60 000 in a BMW X3)

    Cadillac is leasing the XT4 for $369 a month right now for the "base" Luxury version.
    This is the one most people might actually be driving.
    A pretty loaded Premium Luxury version with the Bose and Sunroof options is about $45 000. Which is average for that segment.

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