How about another 2020 Subaru Legacy teaser

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This one reveals the exterior design.
And it’s not really exciting at all.

So far, it really doenbs’t look as good or modern as any of the competition. Even the 6-year-old current Mazda 6 design still seems much nicer.

This is disappointing, but, to be fair, Subaru designs are always disappointing.
They present us with a constant flow of very nice Concept car designs. Only to be followed by old/clumsy/busy looking production cars.
This already looks like it came out over 10 years ago.

And their AWD advantage won’t last forever.
The new Altima does offer AWD. And since the new Mazda 3 does too, you can bet it will be available on the next generation Mazda 6.

This is really too bad.
I know this is just a bad teaser photo, but from this, I can’t really imagine the new Legacy to be 1% more exciting than the old looking current model…

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  1. Everyone but you realizes the sedan is an afterthought of the Outback.

    2018 Outback sales, 178.854
    2018 Legacy sales, 40.109

    All Models Subaru 680.135
    Mazda 300.325

    Subaru may be worried about a lot of things but Mazda isn't one of them.

  2. Subaru has increased sales and market share consistently year over year for many years, despite having more sedans and lifted hatchbacks/wagons than actual SUVs. Drastic changes aren't really needed, so I understand why they don't rock the boat very much. I do wish there was at least a little quirkiness to recall their 1970s cars, but Honda and Toyota already seem to have the ugly styling excesses market cornered.

  3. Hey dejal, read the article just below this one.. Vince clearly posted the sales numbers for Legacy and Outback before you decided to do so.

  4. Subaru has a well crafted image. From support for environmental causes to ASPCA support, it goes a long way with consumers. Furthermore their overall steady evolution of car design and overall conservative design has done wonders for them. That being said any smart leader should always be worried about any and all competitors.

  5. They are ubiquitous here in Colorado for their reliability and driving ease in questionable weather. I might not love the styling but I've had two in the past and they both were good cars. I don't think Subaru owners are too worried about styling as long as the quality is there.

    I don't know what it is about Mazda that keeps them from doing better, sales wise. I bought a 6 sedan used for my kids a few years back and it was really a nice car, drove well and looked nice. They have a superior product but it doesn't seem to resonate with American consumers.

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