More pictures of the 2020 Chevrolet Blazer

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For some reason (maybe it’s officially going on sale) GM has released more pictures of the all-new Chevrolet Blazer for 2020.
I have seen it in person and think it looks really good.
Its main problem might end up being its name. Since “Blazer” brings images of a more rugged truck.
I think, at least this year, its main competition would be the “new” Honda Passport.
Which is actually a shorter Pilot, and not really all new at all.
The Blazer is cheaper but its based engine is a 2.4 Liter 4 cylinder while the Honda comes standard with a 3.5 Liter V6 for a base price of $31 500.
The base Blazer V6 starts at $34 500.
So the Honda is actually cheaper if you want a V6. And by quite a bit.
I hope to be able to compare both in the coming months (making sure the weather gets better so I can actually drive places…)
What do you think?
Blazer or Passport?

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  1. Passport. GM products still suck….. I have zero faith in the reliability or marketing of this vehicle.

  2. Vince, unfortunately some people don’t like to read and still live in the past.

    Thanks for the link. Love your site.

  3. I would buy a XT6 over the made in Mexico Blazer! Blazer is $56K full loaded and Cadillac mid trim is going be around $62K!

  4. i think the new Blazer looks fantastic , especially in RS trim. But maybe just too damn expensive and might drive potential buyers away from it and towards the competition such as the 2019 Mazdacx5 with new turbo motor option for about $40,000.

  5. In Oregon there are Blazer RS models already driving around. The RS in red is amazing looking! Yet, for similar money, I think the Lexus RX is a much better buy for nearly all people. The resale value alone should be enough. That being said, if these are like $10k in rebates off, they stack up very well against Lexus NX, Acura RDX in most ways except dealership experience.

  6. GM had to pull their ads with the bs claim that they are more reliable than Honda and Toyota. The bottom line is they are GM and make unreliable vehicles. While the Passport isn't all new and not as sporty looking I would get it over the so called "Blazer" The Blazer is way overpriced anyway

  7. Just saw the bright red Blazer pacing the Daytona 500.. not terribly attractive, but what other SUV/crossover comes in that color? The naming is unfortunate for what could have been a pretty decent CUV, particularly since they could have saved it for a true Bronco competitor.

  8. It’s not too bad. They need to butch it up a little. Honestly, gm has products are made like garbage and they haven’t done anything to make anyone feel any different

  9. $40,000 for a CX-5 which is basically a lifted Mazda3 is crazier than the Blazer at $50,000. I mean, really.

  10. The reason is domestics run the SUV game more than they get credit for. People buying cars in this price range a lot of the time prefer a less flashy or showy model. Why do you think GMC Denali models exist? For people who refuse to have a Cadillac. Rich people tend to be conservative. I also work at a dealership and I can tell you that people shopping for luxury SUVs do shop them against Ford, Chevy, GMC and even Subaru and Mazda. You get people comparing Kia to luxury cars constantly. People are silly, silly things!

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