More pictures of the manual version of the new 2020 Mazda3 hatchback.

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 I really like the design of the new Mazda3 hatchback.
It is one of the most modern and clean looking hatchbacks available right now (soon)
And I love the fact that Mazda is still offering it with a 6-speed manual.

But now, for a quick reality check…

 Here are a couple of pictures of something you will probably never see.
The manual in a new 2020 Mazda3.

As usual, dealers will probably not get them at all. Or a couple of them here and there.
So it will be nearly impossible to find one. You would most likely have to order it. Which probablymeans paying full price.
(While you’ll be able to get deals on an automatic soon after the car comes out)

As you can see on the price list above (you can click on it)
While the hatchback starts at $23 600, the manual is not available in a base version. So it starts at $27 500. Which becomes really expensive for a compact car. (although at that “Premium package level” the manual and automatic are priced the same)
But, it is also exactly the same price as a VW Golf GTI, with 228HP.
While I am sure the new Mazda3 hatchback is very nice, it is no GTI and should really not be the same price.

Another reality check on the hatchback is the outside view from the rear seats.
While the car does look great, it is basically a 2 seater with a huge trunk.
(I guess that’s why they have the sedan version anyway…)

A $23 000 manual would have been nice…


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  1. Not liking the new styling. The previous model had much better design symmetry. After a long spell of home runs, Mazda messed up on this one.

  2. Really dislike the side profile. Looks like the side windows should go back much farther. As it is visibility would be horrible. And I have always liked Mazda styling, just can't go along with this.

  3. Just because visibility is bad on the rear seats doesn’t make this car a “2 seater with a huge trunk.” The rear seats are still plenty roomy.

  4. A great looking car and bless them for offering the manual, but the back seat outward view makes this a non-starter. What a shame – What the heck is Mazda thinking?

    Also – Where is the 2019 Mazda 6? It's February and they are still listing the 2018 model on their website.

  5. For years enthusiasts have been complaining that manufacturers relegated the manual transmissions to base model cars. Mazda is calling that bluff.

  6. Good or bad, this will sell in limited numbers, especially with the poor rear visibility. People want SUV/CUV's. Mazda needs to hurry up and release a new CX-7 five seater to take on the Edge, Blazer, Passport, etc. And upgrade the info screen size, sunroof size and add hands free lift gate to all their SUV's.

  7. Base versions starting at almost 24K is a joke. I wanted to like this and maybe get a hatch but given the sorry visibility and the inflated pricing I'll look elsewhere.

    I love Mazdas but they're are out to play in a market where they will lose.

  8. Nasty ass. Just plain nasty. Such a shame, too, from a company known for excellent styling. Interior is nice, though.

  9. i think both the new sedan and hatchback look great, but i imagine the hatchback has poor rear visibility and the design of the rear doors on the H/B might make some rear seat passengers a bit nauseous or at least frustrated sitting back there and trying to look out the rear door windows. Secondly, Google Mazda automatic transmission problems…..they have an ongoing issue with auto transmission ''shift shock'' and the transmission TCM needing replacement or reprogramming . This issue goes back to 2004 and up until 2018. The TCM unit costs $550 (part only) and 1.5 hours labour. A friend had this exact issue on his 2008 mazda3 h/b last year. Seems to be a fairly common thing on many mazda vehicles with their auto transmissions…..

  10. I hate to say it, but Mazda's 3 hatchback styling is starting to grow on me. For everybody that complains how hideous it is or how hunchbacked it looks, there might be just enough buyers that see a distinctive coupe-like shape that no other manufacturer is currently producing. As visibility goes, most companies are utilizing cameras and sensors that practically render 360-degree views unnecessary.. and as far as lacking cargo space that you might expect from a hatchback, Mazda will gladly point you toward a CX-3 or CX-5 with a more upright rear window angle and glassier greenhouse. And of course there is also a more traditional 4-door sedan version that is plenty beautiful in its own right. So it appears they took a gamble, possibly trying to offer an alternative to the impractical but distinctive compact "coupe" market that the Civic and Scion tC once owned, and time will tell what happens… but I suspect it will do just fine.

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