New 2019 Peugeot 208

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While I am not a fan of these drooping LED lines into the bumpers (Also used in the 508 sedan and the rear bumper of the Camry SE) I have to say, this is quite a nice looking little car.
The current generation was fine, but this new one looks a lot more muscular.
And even though it is pretty busy and a bit overdone, the interior looks quite upscale for a car this is in the same class as the Ford Fiesta.
Of course, this isn’t for the US. Officially…
But since PSA will be testing a ride-sharing business in the US, eventually using their own cars, we might end up seeing a few of these over here in the next few years?
Who knows…

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  1. Wait, you mean adding black wheelwell covers doesn't automatically make a hatchback suddenly viable for sale in the US? They could just market it as a crossover like Mercedes did with the GLA.

  2. These are pictures that filtered out days before Peugeot released official pictures in its media site. If you want to look at HQ pictures go to that site or visit a web site like "". This new 208 shows that French design is still one of the best around the world!!!

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