2020 Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV

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It is finally coming tomorrow: a new Alfa Romeo model.
It will be a “smaller than Stelvio” SUV.
Which, hopefully, will be more popular than their current models in the US.
Since they sold only just under 24 000 cars in the US last year. 
For years, they have promised new models. 
Like this compact SUV. But also a coupe. A larger sedan. A larger SUV.
I guess this is the beginning of Alfa becoming an SUV brand.
Since they have only one sedan and no other on the horizon anymore.

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  1. There’s a picture floating around the internet of the uncovered concept. It appears credible, but you can’t make out too much. What I like tho is the headlights appears to have ditched the cartoonish look of the cars available now.
    I think they could have chosen a better name that doesn’t look like it’s called a toenail

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