2020 Buick Encore

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As you can see, the proportions of the new 2020 Buick Encore will be very similar to the current model.
Although it seems a little bit longer. Especially behind the rear wheels.

And the windows do look quite a bit larger, which would obviously mean better visibility all around.
I also hear the 2020 model could use GM’s 1.5 Liter Turbo instead of the current 1.4 Liter.
Which would be a big boost in power for the Encore. Since the 1.5 Liter produces 170HP in the Equinox. (1.4 Liter  Encore has 138HP)

The current model is shared with the European Opel Mokka X.
Not sure if it will still be the case since Opel is now owned by PSA.
Apparently, Opel has decided to base the next Mokka X on a different platform. One that can be electrified. And shared with other Peugeot/Citroen models.

So it looks like the new Buick version might just be using an updated version of the current “old” platform.
With no electrification possible…

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  1. I drove the current generation Mokka X for a month in Italy. It was appalling! The gearshift was like stirring porridge – I couldn't tell which gear I'd engaged. The seats were so uncomfortable I had daily backaches. The rearward visibility was terrible and I literally had to cram 2 medium-sized suitcases into the back – much less cargo space than its class competitors. I hope the new version is a vast improvement.

  2. It looks as though the new gen version has grown a bit in size. The side view mirror has moved from the door to the corner of the side window. The general shape of the side window appears to be very similar to the existing model, but the big black plastic slab at the base of the A-pillar seems to have been eliminated (thankfully!). Hopefully, the new model is wide enough that Buick can put a proper console and armrest between the front seats and eliminate the old school minivan-ish seat mounted armrests.

    Hopefully, Buick (GM) nails this second gen version. It looks promising so far.

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